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Everything You Need to Know About Liability Waivers For Sports


If you've ever played in a local sports league, the odds are good that you've signed a liability waiver stating that the organization overseeing the league is not responsible for any injuries you may incur over the course of the season. If you've grown up and are now overseeing a sports league of your own, the time has come for you to put together your own sports waivers. This task can be more challenging than it may initially seem!


As you read the rest of this guide, you'll see a few helpful tips that will make it as easy as possible for you to develop a sports liability waiver that covers all of your bases, literally and figuratively, in this case. Hopefully you will feel completely prepared to put your sports liability waiver together when you reach the end of this article. Remember, though, if you need to research a topic that is featured here more thoroughly, there are many other online resources you can turn to too.


Find a Reliable Site to Use


The first thing you should do when you realize you need to make a sports liability waiver is find a reliable website where you can get the liability waiver template you need. Some webpages provide these to consumers at no cost, while others do charge a nominal fee. If you find a site that asks you to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to download liability waiver form, you should move onto another page. It's a good idea to read reviews of any site you're thinking about using before you actually download your sports waivers.


Know What Information Is Required By Law


Every state has different requirements that pertain to their liability waivers for business, including local sports organizations and parks and recreation departments. Before you start putting your sports waivers together, make sure you know exactly what your state necessitates you include in your wording. This way, you won't leave something out that could prove to be important down the road. If you are struggling to find what your state's laws are, consult with a lawyer who regularly puts sports waiver forms together.  For more facts and information regarding liability waivers, you can go to


Figure Out How You Want to Deliver the Waivers


In this day and age, the single most common way to deliver sports waivers is via email. People can either sign a digital waiver online with an e-signature or they can print it and bring it to registration day with them. The choice is theirs. This makes things much easier for you as an organizer because you don't have to print dozens of sports waivers at your expense. Instead, you can send the link to a single digital waiver to everyone who is planning to play that season.